Some of the questions I answer for this column are fairly simple, and only require a paragraph or two of explanation. But others are more complex. In this week’s column, I examine just two questions. In the first, a user asks how he can easily sync only his most recent audiobooks. I explain how one can use a smart playlist and selective syncing to make this possible. The second question wonders why some Apple Music tracks are not only “no longer available,” but also deleted from an iTunes library. I explain that Apple’s not up to no good, but it’s still not an ideal situation.

How can I sync my most recent audiobooks?

Q: My audiobook library is pretty large, and it is difficult to find my most recently downloaded or purchased titles. iTunes sorts audiobooks by name so I have to scroll like crazy, and visually search for a title. Is there an option to sort by most recently purchased or downloaded? It would keep me from having to scroll all over the place to find the titles to transfer to my iPhone, and delete old titles that I’ve finished.

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