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About 67nj

I have been doing graphic design professionally since graduating from UCLA Exts in Multimedia Program in 1994 and 67nj is my design pseudonym since then. I started as a graphic intern and later I’ve been full-time employed as a web and desktop designer in the Greater Los Angeles Area until I moved back to Italy where I currently work as a freelance graphic designer.

Longform podcast joins Vox

2021-08-04T07:01:27+02:00August 4th, 2021|Categories: Inspiration|

At Vox, the long-running podcast will continue interviewing A-list guests at the pinnacle of their careers, expanding its focus into non-fiction mediums beyond writing – podcasting and documentary film in particular. Vox VP of Audio

The Amazon union drive isn’t over yet

2021-08-03T23:30:41+02:00August 3rd, 2021|Categories: Inspiration|

Pro-union voting signage hangs outside the Amazon fulfillment center in Bessemer, Alabama. | Patrick T. Fallon/AFP via Getty Images A unionization effort might get another chance, thanks to Amazon’s mailbox shenanigans. The union drive in

Serverless Functions as Proxies

2021-08-03T22:23:32+02:00August 3rd, 2021|Categories: Tutorials|

The first time cloud functions / serverless functions clicked for me was when I saw and tried Auth0’s (now defunct) Webtask. It was a little CodePen-like IDE but you didn’t really see anything aside from