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About 67nj

I have been doing graphic design professionally since graduating from UCLA Exts in Multimedia Program in 1994 and 67nj is my design pseudonym since then. I started as a graphic intern and later I’ve been full-time employed as a web and desktop designer in the Greater Los Angeles Area until I moved back to Italy where I currently work as a freelance graphic designer.

4 tips to grow your blog’s audience

2021-09-16T18:00:00+02:00September 16th, 2021|Categories: Social Media|

Christina Galbato may have started as a travel blogger, but her career as a content creator has taken her on a different journey – helping other creators achieve their goals. “I started to notice a

Eroica Limburg

2021-09-16T17:01:37+02:00September 16th, 2021|Categories: Inspiration|

Cool illustration for Eroica Limburg.— via MUTI Go to the original Source Author: Powered by WPeMatico