By Joe Kissell

Backing up a Mac with a terabyte or two of internal storage poses no particular challenge. (For Macworld’s recommended backup strategies, see Backup basics, Bulletproof backups, and How to restore data from the cloud.) Creative professionals, however, tend to generate massive quantities of new photo, video, or audio files on a daily basis, resulting in a multiple terabytes of data that may require a more elaborate backup approach.

Split decision

My first recommendation for creative pros is to think of your backups as two separate operations: one for your large media files (which may be on external storage anyway), and one for everything else. You can tell Time Machine to exclude a folder or volume that stores your media files by opening System Preferences > Time Machine, clicking Options, dragging the item to the list, and clicking Save; most other backup software offers a similar capability. By doing this, you’ll keep your conventional backups relatively small and fast, and make it easier to give your media files special treatment.

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