By nathan

A Look at What’s Behind Closed Doors for Twin Magazine

With the rising fetishization of designer brands, our relationship with our possessions is beginning to border on bizarre. Photographer Jess Bonham and set designer Anna Lomax had this tension in mind when they teamed up to create the photo series Balancing Act, which was originally printed in Twin Magazine. The objects in the still life photographs are delicately layered and suspended in a tight tension with each other. The series exudes a slight sense of the uncanny—as the relationship between people and the products they love grows more intimate, photographs like those by Bonham and Lomax capture the strange obsession that soon follows.

Bonham and Lomax are part of a new generation of photographers, stylists, and designers who are reimagining the still life. View their work and work by other young creatives in our recent release The Still Life.

Images © Jess Bonham and Anna Lomax

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