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Ever wondered how many games your favourite football club has won in your lifetime? Or how many goals they’ve scored? A nifty data vizualisation piece by IIB Studio for BBC Sport allows fans to assess their team’s performance

My Premier League Life takes data for all current Premier Legue clubs to create a personalisable dashboard charting the peaks and troughs of your chosen club. Shown here are the results for Everton



“We went to BBC Sport and proposed the idea seven months ago,” says IIB Studio’s creative partner Duncan Swain. “The central idea was ‘Your team, their history’. And we wanted to produce a personalisable dashboard visualizing the rich history of any of this season’s Premier League clubs. We wanted to show the highs and lows, feasts and famines, peaks and troughs of any of this season’s club’s career during an individual’s lifetime.”



Users enter their date of birth and choose their favourite team to trigger the visualisation. Displayed is a range of data including trophies won, league position, win/loss rations, goals for/against and the make-up of the squad.

You can also pick out which teams your club has had most success against and which have proved to be bogey sides (see above).

It works across desktop, tablet and mobile while each data component is shareable via social media. The whole thing was designed to conform to and sit within the BBC Sport template on browsers.



“We thought long and hard about the narrative structure and how it would pull people through the piece. And we finished it off with a really nice summary with a clever little algorithm to work out “was it worth it?” for you to follow your club so far,” Swain says.



Check it out here

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