Weapons in the War on Bodies

As the selfie generation reaches adulthood, there’s a new light being cast on beauty standards that transcend the passing trends. Entire industries have been shaped around faulting the bodies of young women, moving mountains to fuel the drive for designer products that lift brows, slim noses, and smoothen wrinkles. After stumbling across a product meant to tone face muscles, Latvian photographer Evija Laivina found herself engrossed in the wild world of beauty apparatuses. Whereas nipping and tucking is expensive and out of reach for many, these products occupy a exploitative space in which affordable solutions to invisible problems are sold en mass, preying on the insecurities of many. Beauty Warriors, which received the LensCulture Portrait Awards 2017 Student Spotlight award, explores the body problematized, and the many proposed ways to fix it.

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Images © Evija Laivina

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Author: nathan

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