By Thomas Bradley


In this series we will look deeper into a work that was especially admired in our community: Quotes, Lines & Lyrics, created by Van Orton Design. Van Orton Design is comprised of twin brothers from Italy. The brothers have wowed the Behance community with their neon-hued, futuristic re-imaginings of pop-culture icons. The Van Orton Design duo graciously answered our questions about one of their most popular projects, in which two cult classics of American film have their posters redone in the unique Van Orton Design style.

What was your inspiration for this project?
The project was inspired by two cult movies of different years. They were inspired by the imagery that they created and by the incredible dialogue. The idea, however, was to place these two films in a different context, more contemporary with our times. There are strong references to the pop style mixed with sci-fi; lots of lights and bright lines.

Can you describe your process in creating this project?
The creation process is developed in two phases.
The tracing/sketching, and the colouration. Me and my brother specialize in these two phases. I create the design with lines and tracks, all in photoshop. For me, the symmetry and perspective are very important. Next, my brother Stefano starts the coloration phase (always in photoshop). The coloration is a crucial part because it adds space and depth to the work.

Did you expect it to be as popular as it’s been on The Behance Network?
When this project was published on the homepage of Behance, we were honored! Because we created this project for and exhibition, it marked a bit of a departure from our regular style, especially the Pulp Fiction poster. To see that Behance honored it in this way was the best thing!

Did you go through many versions and iterations before coming up with these final pieces?
Before the final result there are always two or three versions with different coloring. Generally, the structure of the drawing does not change during construction. The part that changes is always coloration.

Do you feel that this project is “done,” or is there anything you’d like to improve on or change in the future?
The feeling about our work is that if I look at it months after creating it, I end up appreciating it more than I did when we were in the middle of creating the work. I am never 100% happy but with time I realize that they all have potential.


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