By Amir

We are ready with a beta version for WPML 3.1.3. This release is a stability update for WPML. It closes a number of holes and includes overall improvements. WPML 3.1.3 goes into complete QA next week. We are releasing this beta, so that people who are facing problems due to resolved issues can use this version already.

WPML 3.1.3 Core

Fixed a potential security issue
Fixed missing parentheses in mobile switcher
Changing admin language on one site (multisite) does not sets admin language on all sites anymore
When ‘Language as Parameter’ is used, wp_link_pages() pagination produce malformed URLs
Fixed WPML breaking XML-RPC calls
Fixed wrong order of languages when using icl_get_languages with orderby=name
Fixed several glitches and issues related to the menus synchronization
Fixed redirection issues when the same slug is used in translations with hierarchical post types
Fixed page template being unchangeable in translated content, after deactivating the “Synchronize page template” setting
Fixed “This is a translation of” being empty when creating a new translation
Removed errors when deactivating WPML for a subsite in multisite install


Improved caching of posts, taxonomy translation data, and strings
Improved performances


New hooks added WPML






When WPML is set to use languages per domain, switching languages will not lose the cart data
The shop page is now properly processed as a shop page, instead of behaving as a regular custom post type archive page.


Improved WPML capabilities definitions by adding descriptive labels

WPML String Translation

Fixed a problem with slug translation showing translated slug for English on Multilingual Content Setup when Admin language is other than English
Fixed slug translation so it works with the default permalink structure.
Fixed caching problem with admin texts which caused some admin texts to not update correctly.
Removed PHP Fatal error: Specified key was too long; max key length is 1000 bytes caused by gettext_context_md5
Fixed string scanning issues


Support multi-line strings when importing and exporting po files
Support gettext contexts in string translation

WPML Translation Management

Translation Editor shows existing translated content, if there was a previous translation
Editor can translate again content if he is set as a translator
Translation Editor won’t changes language pairs for translators any more
Titles for packages and posts won’t get mixed up in the translation jobs table any more
Users set as translators can translate content again, using the translation editor, even if there is not a translation job created for that content

GravityForms Multilingual

Is now possible to translate price field options labels and values

Download and Update

This is still a beta version, so it’s not intended for everyone. If your site is impacted by a bug that’s fixed in this release, you can use this version to fix.

Before installing beta versions on your site, please make complete backup. This should include the files and database.

As a beta version, this update is only available by manual download and installation. To download, go to your WPML account and click on Downloads.

If you have a Multilingual CMS account, you will see a CMS Beta Package download. Download it and unzip. The download includes ZIP files of all of WPML’s components. You need to update all WPML components that you are using (it’s not possible to run a site with a mixture of old and new versions).

If you have a Multilingual Blog account, you will see a WPML Blog Beta download. You need to extract and upload this to your site to the plugins folder.

Schedule for the production version

WPML 3.2.3 is going into QA next week. This version received testing for all fixes, but not comprehensive testing “from scratch”. QA takes about 2 weeks to complete. Then, we will release the final WPML 3.2.3.


If you have questions, suggestions or ideas, please leave your comments and we will reply.

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