By nathan

All Eyes on These Illustration

Some say that eyes are the windows to the soul. In Beyond the Look of Eyes by Taiwanese artist Liu Yen-Chen, it seems that that these windows are wide-open. For this series, Liu Yen-Chen reflected on the filmmakers, poets, and musicians who had influenced his work as a college student and realized that he related to and understood media visually. This, in turn, led to a series of expressive portraits featuring an array of eyes sprouting from each subject’s forehead in hypperreal detail, suggesting a half-dozen vantage points and perspectives.

Liu Yen-Chen’s impressive set of accolades includes the Best of the Best award from Hiii Illustration International. He is particularly interested in character design, often pushing facial or bodily features into the realm of the surreal. See the work of the new generation of young illustrators in our recent release Illusive.

Images © Liu Yen-Chen

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