I am fresh off a trip to New York and the PDN PhotoPlus Expo. It’s hard to believe but this was my first time attending this show, which is now the largest photo show on the East coast. As far as photo shows go, it was okay, but not really spectacular. There weren’t any big reveals to speak of so mostly it was just getting up close and personal with a lot of gear. The one piece of gear that I did see that was hot off the factory floor was the new Canon Pro-1000 17″ printer. This thing spits out some amazing images and, although they wouldn’t admit it, there will more than likely be some sizes to follow.


The other thing I noticed at this show more than any previous show I have attended is the number of drones. I told a friend that the back of the show sounded like a hive of angry hornets. There were at least 6 different booths showing off a number of drones and lots of netted “fly-zones” for demos. I’m just wondering how long this drone surge will last considering the amount of pressure being put on the FAA to restrict their use. Only time will tell. I also got the chance to attend some good classes and see lots of friends so overall, it was a really great trip.


In my free time I spent some quality time with friends, shooting around the High-Line, which is a 1.5 mile long elevated park along a section of disused New York Central Railroad spur. This is a great urban renewal project and it’s hard to believe it was once a rail line. It has got to be one of the hidden jewels of Manhattan.


I also got the chance to do an early morning shoot with my buddy Scott Kelby in the Morgan Library and Museum. J. P. Morgan had it built in the early 1900’s and used it as his personal office and library. It is a stunning site to see and I felt very privileged to be able to photograph it. If you are planning a visit to NYC in the future you should definitely put it on your must-see list.


I had a great time in the City and even though I much prefer the wide-open spaces, I have to say that New York is starting to grow on me a little. Here’s a couple of other shots I grabbed from the rooftop bar at my hotel. The perfect end to a great couple of days.



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Author: jeff

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