The ad stars Adolphus Busch as an unwelcome German immigrant.

All attention is good attention, right?

Heading into Super Bowl Sunday, Budweiser is winning on the web among Super Bowl ads for its spot depicting the immigrant journey of its German founder Adolphus Busch.

The ad, dubbed “Born the Hard Way,” was released online following President Trump’s controversial executive order banning immigrants from seven majority-Muslim countries, prompting nods of approval on one side and threats of a Bud boycott on the other.

Either way, the result is the No. 1 most-buzzed about Super Bowl ad heading into Sunday, according to’s “digital share of voice” rankings. The startup tracks the performance of TV ads on the Web.

The Bud commercial has so far edged out the Super Bowl campaign by the website software company Wix, whose action spot stars actors Jason Statham and Gal Gadot. This campaign has garnered more than 20 million views on Facebook, thanks to both stars sharing it with their fanbases.

Mercedes is currently in the No. 3 spot, according to what dubs “share of voice.” Here’s the ad:

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Author: Jason Del Rey

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