By Becci Sharpe

Work, family, health, finance, digital media, consumerism and more… it’s all in the average day of a woman. Slovakian illustrator and graphic designer Daniela Olejníková was commissioned to capture the busy everyday lives of women for a book project by Modrý Koník, the largest social network for women in Slovakia.

Shining a light on simple everyday tasks, these designs are in turn insightful, witty, exhausting, and worryingly accurate. From sneaky fast food to the power of advertising aimed at women, and from running errands to literally trying to stop the clock for a glass of wine with a partner, Olejníková shares her perspective on what it is to be a woman today.

Working with traditional techniques such as linocut and serigraphy, Olejníková employs strokes of stylus, brush or tablet pen as well as layering prints and colour, all signature method of her illustrations. Check out this series on Behance, or find out more about Olejníková on her website.

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