By Mark Sinclair


Marc Alcock is a British photographer who has lived and worked in California since 2010. With a background in design and art direction, he says he “tends to be drawn to the unique form, colour and texture of environments and how they hint at stories beyond the frame.”


His latest project, California Topiaries, documents homes in San Francisco, Los Angeles and the surrounding suburbs where certain buildings have a unique relationship with plants and nature. “Every house on the street has it’s own unique personality,” he says. “The paint colour, the architectural features and nature all working together to form something completely personal to the owner.”


“At one end of the scale I found lovingly crafted topiaries, that were thoughtfully paired with architectural details – a conscious aesthetic decision,” he says. “At the other end there are buildings swallowed by nature. The plants functioning as camouflage for the home.

“I’m sure the people that inhabit the homes are just as interesting and idiosyncratic,” he adds. “But the details in the images only offer clues as to who may live there.”

The full series can be seen at Alcock’s website,


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