Toby Trueman is a fine art photographer from East Lothian, Scotland. Working with the themes of wilderness, folklore and escape, his latest set of works ‘All That Is’, comprises a composite of 36 individual photographs taken from the same location over a two-year period.

The concept both celebrates nature and acts as a study of its permanence in the face of man’s fleeting existence. Toby explains: “The aim was to explore how the world can be infinitely different and yet depicted with deliberate minimalism.

“Man is present in the work, represented now and then quite literally as ships passing in the night, insignificant on the vast horizon as we scuttle about, changing things. It is the absence of man that allows our thoughts to focus fully on what is right there behind us.

“Only on the final frame is there a change, a recognition and celebration of our need for one another, even if only to allow us to appreciate the world in company.” Discover more at

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