By Katy Cowan

California-based photographer Margaret Hyde is someone who is making an impact in the world of fine art. Through her stunning series of Celestial Cocoons, she leaves us guessing as she features nameless, lustrous spaces and objects inspired by the many years of her living and holidaying by the water.

“The image of the inside of a broken abalone shell and the colours, reflections and details of a seemingly worthless shell displayed when looked at mindfully in the light, I believe to be a metaphor for life,” she explains.

Margaret also believes that her photographic subjects are people, places and things with powerful emotional resonance and a striking visual aesthetic that requires mindful study, forcing us to question ourselves and our natural world in a meaningful and transformative way. She adds: “When I pick up my camera, the lens becomes my quiet eye and through it I try to see into the life of things.”

Originally from Memphis, Tennessee, Margaret is now based in Santa Monica with her husband and children. Her work has been exhibited across the world and she has published her own books including Dreadilocks and the Three Slugs, Great Art for Kids and Mo’s Nose. To discover more visit

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