Change My View is a new take on opinion pieces, borrowed from the subreddit of the same name because we like the philosophy.

CMV is a subreddit dedicated to civil discourse, and is built around the idea that in order to resolve our differences, we must first understand them. We believe that productive conversation requires respect and openness, and that certitude is the enemy of understanding.

That’s why CMV is the perfect place to post an opinion you’re open to changing. We’re not looking to host aggressive debates, or encourage judgement, but help each other understand different perspectives.

One of the things I love about writing opinion pieces is that they often provoke interesting debates in the comments. But while the majority of readers engage in civilised discussion, we also get some trolls out to snipe at each other and more interested in scoring points than engaging in any kind of meaningful exploration of the issue.

With this format, we ask you not to engage the trolls – or at least, not to respond in kind – but to seek to understand opposing views and explore the issue in a constructive way …


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Ben Lovejoy

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