By Becci Sharpe

Illustrator Juan Carlos, from Valencia, works with simple illustration and clever layering to bring his imaginative paper figures to life. His work is full of interesting characters with endearing human qualities — from the child-like joy on the face of his spaceman, to the chic style of the hipster, to the intimacy and affection shown between the couples in his ‘La siesta’ series.

Carlos studied Fine Arts in Valencia and Barcelona, before sampling courses on hand-silkscreen, lettering and illustration. Professionally he works across all of these mediums but it’s his charming paper-crafts that have won us over the most.

Small details and subtle expression create his distinctive style of illustration, whilst well-executed interweaving of paper layers creates an almost animated quality to his charming characters.

Find more of Juan Carlos’s work on Or follow him on Instagram for plenty of daily inspiration.

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