By Rachael Steven

Christoph Niemann's GIF cover for The New Yorker magazine

Niemann worked with New Yorker art director Françoise Mouly to create the cover for the magazine’s annual Innovators Issue. The print edition features an image of a woman on the subway, which is animated when viewing it through the Uncovr app on a tablet or smartphone.

Holding the device over the front or back cover reveals an animated cityscape complete with skyscrapers and moving yellow cabs and some  hidden surprises, which can be seen by tilting or moving the device.

Niemann’s artwork was brought to life by Nexus Interactive Arts in London. The cover is the first New Yorker has created using AR technology and the latest in a series of lovely collaborations between Niemann and the magazine – he has been illustrating for the title since 1998 and in 2014, created the magazine’s first GIF cover, shown below.

You can read more about the AR cover and Niemann’s inspiration for the artwork over on

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