Brontez Purnell in his 2017 work Chronic: A Dance About Marijuana at the Joe Goode Annex, during the 2018 FRESH Festival. The work also featured the performers José Abad and Ryan Austin Dennis. Photos: Robbie Sweeny.

So I was working with Keith Hennessy on this one project and he casually mentioned wanting to call that project Chronic and me and this other boy in the project kinda laughed because Keith had no idea that “chronic” was a.) the SEMINAL gangsta rap album by Dr. Dre and also b.) a euphemism for dank-ass weed. I immediately told Keith that I was stealing that name, and he was like, “just give me credit.” So I did. ANYWHO — the audio text comes from Chronic Chronicles (maybe chronicles should be in italics?), stories of my at-times reluctant involvement in the cannabis industry and my years as total fucking pothead. It also touches upon secret Pot Club histories, ACT UP histories, and the consequences of participating in the gig economy of pot trimming just so you can make art. YR WELCOME

— Brontez Purnell Feb 2nd 2018


Purple Mountain, pts. 1 & 2


Purple Mountain, pt. 3


Purple Mountain, pt. 4


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Brontez Purnell

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