By Rachael Steven

Chapita begins with a shot of Jeong walking into a sparse grey warehouse in a red jumpsuit. As she begins to dance, another version of her appears, this time dressed in blue, followed by another in yellow, then another in orange, until the room is filled with multiple ‘clones’ in brightly coloured outfits.

Each clone performs a single dance move which plays on a continuous loop like a GIF to the rhythm of the track – one paints a yellow stripe across her waist and another flips a chair while the original Jeong (dressed in red) dances past them through the space, the only one not stuck on repeat.

With dancers visible from every angle, the video makes clever use of 360° technology. Amir says the concept was inspired by the idea of having someone stuck in your mind following a break-up and being unable to forget them. It also reflects the idea of time playing in an infinite loop, a key theme in the song.

The video was shot in a warehouse in North West London in a single day using a 6K resolution camera and a custom-built rig devised by technical director and VR artist Elliott Kadjan. Nexus says it is the first time this technique and combination of technology has been used for VR – usually, multiple camera rigs would be set up using GoPro cameras (which produce lower resolution videos) instead.

Filming the video was a complex process – it is made up of dozens of pieces of footage which were stitched together by Amir and the team at Nexus in post. The camera had to remain in exactly the same position throughout filming to ensure shots would line-up, as even a millimetre of movement would throw shots out of sync.

The video was carefully choreographed to ensure no dancers would overlap – Amir drew up a digital mock-up before filming using coloured blocks to determine where each dancer would stand and positions were marked out on the floor of the warehouse during filming. A few shots were also taken of each clone to ensure at least one would be in exactly the right position.

It’s the latest in a series of playful and inventive videos from Amir which play with viewers’ perception – while studying at the University of the Arts in Bremen, he created Black & White (In Colour), a video which appears to be in black-and-white but was shot in camera by painting a room different shades of grey and has been viewed over a million times:

And This Video is not in Reverse, which was shot in camera in a single take but appears to be playing in reverse:

Earlier this year, he released Run Baby Run, a stop-motion picture made using 2,500 images of 3D printed mannequins shot in various locations around the world. He was signed to Nexus in January after graduating in November last year.


Director: Eran Amir
Production Company: nexus vr studio
Producer: Beccy McCray
Director of Photography: Martin Testar
Dancer and Choreographer: Mimi Jeong
Grade: Oisin O’Driscoll @ The Mill
Camera rig build: Ronford Baker and Martin Testar

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