While we’ve all been able to follow the construction progress of Apple Park thanks to drone footage, the company kept us waiting a long time before finally revealing two things: what the campus would be called, and when employees would move in.

The name attracted quite a bit of attention, with some feeling that it was perhaps a little tame to describe such a dramatic building – but I think Eli Schiff hit the nail on the head.

Historic mimesis. Xerox PARC and Apple Park: https://t.co/yXCYuwFkdW pic.twitter.com/DPOVlVJsuy

— Eli Schiff (@eli_schiff) February 22, 2017

Xerox Parc was where the Macintosh story really began, and I think Apple did indeed intend to reference that when it chose the name for its new campus …

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Author: Ben Lovejoy

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