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Children's Chairs

We’ve written here before about Children’s Chairs. A group of Kingston students worked with a local primary school, asking them to draw a chair. Two of the chairs were then made into real pieces of furniture.

Children’s Chairs

One of the group, Jack Beveridge, is featured in this year’s Cream. Beveridge also worked on Google’s Project Jacquard which “makes it possible to weave touch and gesture interactivity into any textile using standard, industrial looms. Everyday objects such as clothes and furniture can be transformed into interactive surfaces”.

CSM graduates Simone Mascagni and Anyaa Dev caused quite a stir with their response to an internal challenge while interning at Antidote. They were asked to make Marcus, an account manager at the agency, famous.

In response, they took a photo of Marcus from his Facebook page and used it to create posters supposedly from a girl with whom Marcus had a one night stand and who was now trying to get back in touch with him.

Find Marcus poster by Simone Mascagni and Anyaa Dev

“We printed 45 copies of the posters, put it all around Shoreditch and waited for the magic to happen. In only one day, the hashtag #findmarcus got around 780k impressions on social media. The Metro, The Evening Standard and the Daily Mail wrote articles about him and we got a radio interview on Hit Channel. And we almost got the agency sued.”

Press coverage of Find MarcusPress coverage of Find Marcus

Greenwich grads Angela Hayrabedyan and Luca Grosso attempted to ‘brainwash’ passers-by into going to visit Noaz Deshe’s ‘Deprogramme’ series at the East End Film Festival with this installation in the window of ad agency Widen + Kennedy.

Be Brainwashed window installation at Wieden + KennedyBe Brainwashed window installation at Wieden + Kennedy

“During the video, a bright camera flash leaves the EEFF’s logo temporarily imprinted on their vision, whenever they close their eyes for a couple of seconds after the film ends,” the air explain.

Olivia Marquis and Irene Pineda from Watford came up with these cheeky alternatives to the TFL Baby on Board badges worn by pregnant women in the hope that others will give up their seat for them on the tube.

Badges by Olivia Marquis and Irene PinedaBadges by Olivia Marquis and Irene Pineda

The idea was picked up by Time Out among others.

Coverage of Olivia Marquis and Irene Pineda's badges ideaCoverage of Olivia Marquis and Irene Pineda’s badges idea

The enjoyment of watching series such as Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones can be enhanced considerably by all the live blogs and social media activity that now accompanies their screening. But what if you missed them the first time round? According to SCA grads Ashley Bibby and James Morgan, “People avoid watching TV shows they missed because they have no one to share the experience with.” Their answer was Speakeasy, “a service that recreates the live TV experience, every time they watch on demand” and matches up those who haven’t watched the show before and want to comment about it.

From the same college, Georgia Horrocks and Clarissa Dale also looked at this issue, but their focus was on couples. What if their was a Netflix couples account that asked you to agree not to watch episodes of top shows without your partner?

Here’s Jacob Nørremark, Camilla Agerskov and Stine Thorbøll’s entry to Doritos’ Crash the Superbowl challenge. Jacob and his partner Stefan Arnoldus from Danmarks Medie were selected for Cream. Unusually, rather than make a website, they have placed their portfolio on LinkedIn – find it here 

Falmouth grads Richard Park and Gavin Martin came up with Interflora Recorded Delivery, “a new 360 degree service which will allow customers to enjoy and share the special moment their gift inspired”.

And, finally, to encourage more people to read, Robin Gordon and Ella Monti (from Bucks and LCC respectively) came up with Trans Lit for Penguin, which translates tweets into the kind of language you may use were you better read.

Translit by Robin Gordon and Ella MontiTranslit by Robin Gordon and Ella Monti

Congratulations to everyone selected for this year’s scheme. More on Cream and the Talent Business here

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