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Disposable Houses

House parties may be fun but they often end in disaster – from broken furniture to stains and complaints from the neighbours. Guillermo Perez and Marina del Olmo’s Disposable Houses campaign for Desperados allows young people to design a disposable party house, creating a replica of their own abode with added features such as ball pits and beer-producing taps, which will be constructed by Desperados.

Creatives: Guillermo Perez, Marina del Olmo
Tutor: Carmen Martin
College: Miami Ad School Madrid

Travelling Soles

A campaign to celebrate shoe brand TOMS’ tenth anniversary which aims to promote volunteering abroad while highlighting the brand’s charity work. Customers can buy a pair of TOMS for a four-figure sum and in return, they will be sent on a trip to volunteer with one of the brand’s 100+ NGO partners around the world. In an added twist, details of the trip are only revealed once customers have purchased a pair of shoes. (Watch the campaign film here).

Visualisations for Travelling Soles, a proposed campaign for TOMS
ASS-NBA-02632133353-2016_3000x2400_Travelling-Soles_1Visualisations for Travelling Soles, a proposed campaign for TOMS

Creatives: Nicholas Kugge, Dennis Engel
Tutors: Marc Lewis, Ian Hands
College: School of Communication Arts 2.0

A Mug and a Rug

Mug Rug New Blood

Cade Featherstone and Jenna Jovi’s inventive window display for John Lewis highlights the diversity of items stocked by the retailer. Inspired by the unusual combination of items customers often buy online and in-store, it features a series of suspended shopping baskets stuffed with a curious mix of objects, from a mug and a rug to lamps and a handbag, a hoover and some perfume.

A mug and a rug sketch

Creatives: Cade Featherstone, Jenna Jovi
College: National Film and Television School, Central Saint Martins

Game On

A campaign in the style of an 8-BIT video game for WWF which aims to raise awareness of endangered species. The game features an avatar storming his way through the jungle, chopping down trees, dropping bombs and blasting wildlife he meets along the way. A subsequent message warns viewers that real animals don’t have extra lives, encouraging them to donate to the charity to make a positive difference:

Creative team: Simon Eden
Tutor: Eva Palacios
College: Portsmouth University

Other Yellow Pencil-winning ad projects (featured here) include Joanna Cassidy Osborne’s campaign celebrating school-age outsiders for Dr Martens, which provides a non-conformist radio station for struggling teens, and Kevin Wijaya’s PROFUCKATION campaign for Amnesty, which aims to encourage young people to “give a fuck” about human rights violations.

Elena García-Galán, Upaasna Rajaram and Tracy Silagi also won a Yellow Pencil for Based on a true story – a Netflix series which aims to raise awareness of human rights violations for Amnesty International. Viewers are told after watching that episodes are based on true stories and can opt to find out more about the people and issues featured through interactive elements.

You can see the full list of winning projects from this year’s New Blood Awards here.

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