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Moral Games

A series of animations in the style of retro video games which aim to raise awareness of human rights abuses Slavery Plantation shows a player selling slaves in exchange for money to buy a vast property, Hiroshima shows planes dropping bombs on innocent civilians while Manifest Destiny sees gold diggers picking fights with Native Americans to claim land. At the end of each game, a message appears explaining that similar abuses are still taking place today, encouraging users to take action.

Creative: Robert Traxon
Tutor: Paul Clarkson
College: Sheffield College

Shutterstock / 6:42

Esrael Alem and Filmawi Efrem’s campaign for Shutterstock focuses on the idea that each moment, millions of stories are being played out simultaneously behind closed doors. A trio of films show three very different stories playing out at the same time on a single estate in London

Creatives: Esrael Alem, Filmawi Efrem

Bottles of Squash

James Wuds received one of two Black Pencils awarded this year for Bottles of Squash, a series of short black-and-white videos for Dazed magazine which capture adolescent angst, boredom and mischief-making

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