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D&AD’s New Blood Awards celebrate the best in student creativity. Each year, students from around the world respond to briefs set by a cross-section of brands, charities and other organisations.

This year’s winners will be announced on July 7 but ahead of the ceremony, we have picked out some of our favourites, gathering them under a series of themes that have come out of the work submitted.

In this post we have selected our favourite storytelling projects from this year’s entries.

The Telegraph Prompter for The Telegraph

Creative Team: Mario Gis, Susan Ramirez, Eduardo Álvarez
University: Miami Ad School Madrid
Tutor: Carmen Martin

The Telegraph Prompter is an idea for a nifty Facebook plug-in that will help people become better informed about issues. When you start to type into Facebook, the Prompter will recognise certain terms and phrases and offer you links to content from The Telegraph on that subject.

Independent Woman PtIII for Dazed

Creative: Lucy Bourton
University: Chelsea College of Art and Design
Tutors: Anna Rhodes, Peter Chadwick

Series of short documentary films about musician and artist Amy Hurst who had a double lung transplant after coping with Cystic Fibrosis since birth. The series focuses on Hurst’s spirit and determination to retain her independence.

Bottles of Squash for Dazed

Creative: James Wuds

Adolescent angst abounds in this series of documentary shorts that get to the heart of what it means to be a teenager.

Based on a True Story for Amnesty International/ WPP

Creative Team: Elena García-Galán, Upaasna Rajaram, Tracy Silagi
University: Miami Ad School Madrid, Miami Ad School Mumbai, Miami Ad School San Francisco
Tutor: Mo Osunbor

In this idea for a Netflix series, viewers learn that the drama they are watching is based on a true story as details about the participants are revealed through interactive elements.

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