By Becci Sharpe

The local neighbourhoods of London are changing on a daily basis. Pop-up shops, hipster bars and glossy high-rise building are springing up all over, limiting the natural habitat of that great London institution — the street market. Despite growing concerns of space, costs and customers, market stalls continue line the streets all over this capital city, playing host to a colourful cast of characters and vendors selling goods from all over the world.

Many walk by without pausing to look, but Ellen Syrjala, a photographer from Finland, can’t help but stop and stare. Syrjala moved to London to study four years ago and passes through these market neighbourhoods on daily basis, delighting in the lively communities she finds and documenting their worlds in her personal photography projects, ElephantandCastle and DalstonBlues.

In her work, she has deliberately excluded some of the faces of the vendors she meets, explaining “I do not want the subject’s in the series to become disposable: I am concealing their faces to emphasise a point. Why are these workers invisible in our city? I am fighting against the passive indifferent gaze, as people don’t look twice a this place, why do we just walk past?”

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