By caroline

Anja Niemi Depicts A Woman’s Intricate Relationship With Herself

In her latest series Darlene & Me, Norwegian photographer Anja Niemi explores the fictional character of Darlene. Niemi functions as the photographer, subject, and director of her images, aiming for absolute control. Darlene & Me started with the contents of a suitcase from 1959, that left the photographer thinking about the relationship we have with ourselves. The luggage belonged to a beauty counselor named Darlene and contained makeup samples, brochures, and the receipts from her sales. Most of the samples appeared to be untouched, but she could see clear traces of Darlene’s fingers in the two lipstick colors Strawberry Festival and Princess Pink. In August 1960, Darlene sold a jar of Liquid Beauty and one Temptress’s Hairspray, both were to herself. After that she made no more sales.

The case left Niemi thinking about a woman’s failed attempt at success. Darlene became the only character of Niemi’s next series, Darlene and Me. Isolated in a rented house in the Californian desert, Niemi takes on the part of Darlene to tell the story of her fictional character’s intricate relationship with herself. Darlene & Me depicts two women photographed together in displays of conflict or simply in each other’s company whether in agony or comfort. The two are, of course the same woman.

Images © Anja Niemi

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