By Eliza Williams

Still from Old Skool video for Metronomy

Shadforth brings the 1970s to life in all its big-haired, prawn-cocktailed glory in her beautifully shot video for Metronomy’s track Old Skool, the band’s first release from new album Summer 08, which is due out in July.

“Old Skool is a brilliant track and inspired me on many levels,” says Shadforth of the video. “When I was sent it I had just binge-watched Catastrophe, and I read an interview where Sharon Horgan mentioned she was a big Metronomy fan. Sharon has been a bit of a hero of mine since Pulling, it was too tempting to ignore. The treatment was written half with her in mind, but also thinking it might never happen. In the end we had an amazing cast with Sharon and then Ben Crompton adding some killer moves in the mix. The strange suburban world and themes of anxiety, alienation and release chimed, from my point of view, with the lyrics which have a dark and fragmented quality.”

Still from Old Skool video for Metronomy

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