By nathan

The Ceiling of the South Korean Lounge Features Tree Rings Made from Plywood

The archival rings marked within a tree trunk are a symbol of longevity, of nature, and of time’s passage. As such, they were the perfect centerpiece for Dayangsanghoi, a lounge in Seoul designed by TUNEplanning. Plywood rings across the ceiling echo the winding lines of at the heart of every oak. The space was designed to put nature at the forefront of visitors’ experience: A natural rock wall provides the backdrop for a seated bar; a pine tree descends from the upper mezzanine into the heart of the lounge. Paired with the polished concrete floors and lightly-stained wooden furniture, the organic material in Dayangsanghoi offer a gentle, relaxing ambiance fit for both a casual dinner party and a lively concert on the mezzanine stage.

Images © Jeong Taeho

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