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The campaign was launched to promote economic growth and investment in Britain. Building on an ad campaign created by Mother, Radley Yeldar defined a series of attributes the UK government wanted to promote – from creativity to innovation, culture and heritage – and created a suite of assets to promote these values using the word ‘Great’.

The agency worked with the government for three years to create and manage the brand. “Prior to launching, there was no consistent approach to promoting Britain overseas, and various governments would use their own brands, logos and names,” says the consultancy. The brand has since been rolled out in 144 countries, used by over 300 partnerships and endorsed by brands from Burberry to Aston Martin. Radley Yeldar says it has led to a 16% increase in intention to invest in the UK among international companies that recognise the brand and delivered a direct return of £1.2 billion against £113.5 million investment (design fees totalled £3.3 million over three years):

Great Britain, by Radley Yeldar
Great Britain, by Radley Yeldar

Thirteen gold prizes were awarded this year, including five drinks design projects and seven food packaging designs.

Carter Wong received gold for its packaging and branding for Atlantika, a premium sub-brand of fish supplier Ocean Trawlers. The agency defined the brand’s proposition and created a bold blue and orange visual identity, with a logotype designed to evoke wild seas. It also had silkscreen posters and wooden forks made for fish-and-chip shops (a key market for the brand) and designed patterned packaging for fish plus livery for trailers. The project was rolled out in April 2011 and has resulted in a 109% increase in market share and a 277% increase in sales.

Atlantika-04Atlantika, by Carter Wong
AtlantikaAtlantika, by Carter Wong
AtlantikaAtlantika, by Carter Wong

BrandOpus won gold for its elegant boxes for Twinings’ range of ‘signature blends’, a design that allowed the brand to charge a premium price for the product and has led to orders from Harrods and Selfridges (packaging features a pull out drawer with ribbons and luxury teabags inside):

TWI_SIG_01Twinings Signature Blends by BrandOpus

The company also received gold for its work with Pipers Crisps, which helped revive a struggling product (the brand had been dropped by Harvey Nichols and was losing market share), leading to a 46% increase in turnover, a 25% year-on-year growth and double the number of stockists:

Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 16.24.23Pipers Crisps by BrandOpus

Love‘s Johnnie Walker Houses, which aimed to transform the whisky brand’s image in China from a mass product to a luxury one, received a gold, and provide a great example of the power of experiential advertising when done well. The project led to a 60% increase in sales within two years, and the brand has since opened 10 further houses worldwide:

Turner Duckworth‘s packaging for Miller Lite, inspired by the brand’s original 1970s cans and bottles, was awarded gold for its role in helping the company achieve its first quarter growth in seven years and a reduction in marketing spend. Consumer perceptions of the beer also increased significantly, says Turner Duckworth:

Design Bridge’s bottle for Tanqueray No.10 gin, meanwhile – another gold win in the beverage category – led to 32% value growth for the company. Over 300,000 bottles have been sold so far and the project was also named Best in Book in our 2015 Annual.

Tanqueray-No-Ten-reflections-PR5Tanqueray No.10 by Design Bridge

The Allotment‘s clever work for White Logistics topped the industrial transportation category: the agency created a bold black-and-white identity, devising a promotional print catalogue to replace uninspiring PDFs, as well as uniforms, business cards, a new website with some sophisticated photography and some Op Art inspired truck livery. (Trucks also feature puzzles and brain teasers, and answers can be found on the company’s website).

Four years after the rebrand, sales are up 60% and have increased by over £3 million, while profitability has increased 403%. The business has also employed 50% more vehicles and 30% more staff, while the conversion rate for new business wins has risen from 8% to 43% since the introduction of the catalogue:

whites-truck-pattern01-11White Logistics truck livery by The Allotment
rebrand_and_repositioning_9White Logistics website by The Allotment

Kiwi & Pom‘s designs for Wyevale Garden Centres’ restaurants and cafes received a gold prize in the travel and leisure category, and have led to a sales increase of 29% (and 20% for the Garden Centres) as well as a considerable increase in customer satisfaction. The studio designed new layouts, interiors and signage for the restaurants, as well as murals, menus, packaging and custom plant pots and furniture, and staff morale has allegedly “soared”.

KiwiPomWyevale Garden Centres, design by Kiwi & Pom
b0d817c5ff89e45a29919ac06e431c515c4df2a5Menus and packaging for Wyevale Garden Centres, by Kiwi & Pom

In the household products category, Elmwood received gold for its surprisingly minimal packaging for Buster plughole unblockers and sanitisers. In an area usually dominated by ‘power graphics’, the company opted for a calmer design – a strategy that it says has led to a 50% sales increase in a market growing by 13.9%, as well as deals in five new markets. The company’s workforce has also increased by 20%.

Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 16.39.58
Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 16.40.06Buster sanitisers and unblocks by Elmwood

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