By Darren Rowse


It’s day 3 in our Mid Year Sale and today we have the return of a deal that went absolutely bananas during our Christmas sale last year.

100 Lightroom* presents for just $10!

These normally go for $89, so this is your chance to save a whopping 88%.

Grab yours here before they’re gone.

Have you ever looked at a stunning image and wondered, “why don’t mine look like that”?

While taking a great photo is definitely the first step, great editing can be equally as important and is a pro secret for enhancing the beauty of your shots.

With these professionally-developed presets from Mike Newton at Hacking Photography, you’ll be able to convert your photos from average to amazing with just one click, saving you a whole lot of processing time.

Split into four collections, you get:

  • 25 color blast presets — stunning, vivid, rich, buttery colors in every image
  • 25 black and white presets — for a stark, sharp effect that’ll give your images the soul they could be missing
  • 25 old school color presets — roll back the clock for a vintage appearance
  • 25 night color presets — to add different colored street, building and ambient lights

We don’t need to say much more than at $10 for the next 24 hours, these are a true photography bargain.

Pick yours up here.

Don’t miss out!

Please Note: to use these presets, Adobe Lightroom is required.

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