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Amy Slatem_Gerbil Geoff

Slatem often draws on nature and her surroundings for inspiration. She credits the flowing lines, organic shapes and soft colours used in her work to the Stormsberg Mountains of the Eastern Cape.

“A lot of my subject matter also involves creatures and people,” she adds. “I can’t really define a set style for myself because it changes all the time, but a lot of my work shares outspoken line work and an underlying quirk.”

Slatem recently exhibited her work as part of an exhibition showcasing new art and design talent in South Africa organised by Design Indaba. She describes the process as “a great starting point” as it forced her to “be productive, curate work critically and create more where needed.”

Ditching the harsh geometric landscape of Johannesburg, Slatem says she found a home for her creativity in Port Elizabeth. “I always have some kind of drawing device close by and most artworks are born from quick scribbles on scrap paper,” she says.

Amy Slatem_Blob

Offering advice for other emerging creatives, she adds: “What I’d suggest is to find or just define that specific skill or thing you want to learn. Do tutorials, watch others work, Google, ask questions and finish something.” She also encourages people to keep on creating and share their work: “Practice does make perfect. At the very least, it’ll help you stumble onto fresh ideas,” she says.


You can see more of Amy Slatem’s work on her website.

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