This collection of beautifully-made, yet disturbing dolls, is the handiwork of artist Celerina Mo. Whilst uncomfortable to look at, the skill involved in the making process cannot be overlooked, and as such, the resulting effect they have on the viewer is double-edged.

Celerina explains: “I want to confess that I’ve never been obsessed with dolls. It’s just something that’s stayed with me for decades, and brings me pleasure – I think doll creation is the way I want to express myself and communicate with others.

“My dolls are just one example of Lithuanian small decorative sculptures. To me they are more like a mental instrument than commercial art, so often it serves as a therapeutic tool.

“At the beginning I usually do not think about the particular character or specific scenes. These are conceived in the process. In a similar way to the surrealists, I believe that the true meanings can be found when you are free from thinking.”

In terms of Celerina’s inspiration, she cites complex technology and the creative process, alongside breaking expectations associated with traditional toys, games and dolls.

She adds: “The most important thing for me is to visualise a moment of frozen life, emotion or a dream. That’s why my dolls are so dramatic, uncomfortable, and sometimes very romantic or naive.”

All images courtesy of Celerina Mo

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Author: Laura Collinson

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