By Eliza Williams

Going back to school can feel a gloomy affair for some. So to cheer everyone up, Kellogg’s has commissioned Dominic Wilcox to create seven brilliantly silly pieces of ‘Brek Tech’, so that kids can start the day with a smile…

Wilcox has built a reputation for bringing the fantastical into everyday design, from his stained-glass concept car to his blog, Variations on Normal, where he shares wacky and unusual invention ideas. With this project, it would seem that Kellogg’s just encouraged Wilcox to do his thing, and the result is seven wild breakfast-related designs, created in just ten weeks. They range from the Soggy-o-Meter, which monitors just how soggy your cereal gets, to the Cereal Serving Head Crane Device, shown above.

A number of the inventions were tested out at London’s hipster Cereal Killer Cafe, with the results seen in the film below:



And here are the seven inventions listed in full:

1. Soggy-o-Meter

A timer that allows you to choose your preferred levels of cereal sogginess. Here it is in action:


2. ‘Get Enough’ Robot Spoon

A spoon that wakes up as each mouthful is eaten. Over four hours, the robot spoon goes back to sleep, encouraging you to eat and wake it up once more.


3. Cereal Serving Head Crane Device

A device for serving cereal into your bowl, complete with a plunger to release the milk.


4. Tummy Rumbling Amplification Device

You want your breakfast right now? Use this special machine to share how hungry you are with the world.


5. Snap, crackle and pop amplifier

Amplify the sounds of your cereal with this handy machine.


6. Robobowl: Flying Personal Assistant

A watch can be used to control a cute drone that will bring you the various items you need for your day. (Still in prototype.)


7. The ‘breakfast is served’ pillow

The only overtly branded concept in the bunch, this Kellogg’s pillow features an in-built speaker to which various sounds from the model cockerel can be transmitted, including a cock-a-doodle-doo.


More on the Kellogg’s Brek Tech series can be seen on Wilcox’s blog at

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