By Becci Sharpe

Gazing straight into the eyes of the viewer as drops of water trickle down their open faces, it’s hard to believe you’re not looking at a photograph of these playful Nigerian children. In fact, this is a series of hyper-realistic oil paintings by Lagos-born artist Oresegun Olumide.

Olumide’s photo-realist style has been storming the internet of late, captivating audiences with his impressive accuracy in painting something as complex as running water. Every aspect of his work feels real, from the movement of the water to the beaming personalities of the children.

As the water reacts to skin and hair, it alters the light and portrays a very life-like fluidity. Inspired by Olumide’s vibrant local community, the bright eyes of his subjects are as clear as the water. Check out Olumide’s Instagram for more beautiful work.

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