There’s no one flying the aircraft.

While companies like Amazon and Alphabet continue to press forward with plans to get drones to deliver items bought online to people’s doorsteps, in Dubai officials from the federal transportation authority are much more ambitious.

Pilotless drones capable of carrying a person will begin to soar through Dubai’s airspace this July, according to an announcement made Monday by Mattar Al Tayer, the chief of Dubai’s Roads & Transportation Agency, at the World Government Summit.

The country is turning to a Chinese-made drone, the Ehang 184, which can carry a passenger weighing up to 220 pounds for about a 30-minute trip. The egg-shaped aircraft hovers using eight propellers — two attached to each of the drone’s four arms.

Test flights have already been conducted in Dubai, and the taxi service is expected to launch in July, says Al Tayer

The passenger drone has a “fail-safe system” and “if any components malfunction or disconnect, the aircraft will immediately land in the nearest possible area to ensure safety,” according to Ehang’s website.

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Author: April Glaser

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