By Mark Sinclair


Earlier today Massive Attack released a new track, Come Near Me, featuring vocals by Ghostpoet. The accompanying video, written and directed by Ed Morris and produced by Rattling Stick, follows a couple as they walk from a house, into the streets, across parkland, roads and beyond. (The track even fades out midway through before cutting into 1991’s Unfinished Sympathy playing in a car).

While rather unnerving – the woman walks backwards throughout the film – it’s never made clear whether she’s being pursued or is tempting the man to follow her. Suffice to say that, alongside Ghostpoet’s sly, unhurried delivery, the whole thing suits Massive Attack’s dark aesthetic to a tee.

You can watch the video below.

Director: Ed Morris; Executive Producer: Andy Orrick; Producer: Polly du Plessis; Production Company: Rattling Stick; Lighting Cameraman: Franz Lustig; Editor: Flaura Atkinson; Edit House: The Quarry; Sound Company: Smoke and Mirrors; Sound Design/Mixer: Scott Little; Dialogue Writer: Eve Mahoney; Colour: The Mill; Colourist: Seamus O’Kane; VFX & Design: The Mill; Producer: Jack Williams; 2D Artists: Nina Mossand, Dan Adams, Jeanette Eiternes; Motion Graphics: Kwok Fung Lam, Stephanie Dewhirst 


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