I’m instantly attracted to anything that features a bob haircut…which isn’t surprising considering I’ve been sporting one for years. However, this series of fine art photography caught my attention for reasons other than an iconic barnet.

Andrea Torres Balaguer is a young emerging artist from Barcelona, Spain, who creates images that suggest stories and invites the spectator to interpret them. The overriding theme within the work is Andrea’s search and experimentation with the boundaries between reality and fiction.

The Moon series is inspired by the different phases of the moon. Through each piece, she explores the relationship between femininity and nature through symbolism. Each one of the images acts as a ritual, and should also be viewed as one.

Andrea’s work will be exhibited in a solo exhibition at QLICK in Amsterdam, from 1 April – 6 May 2017, in what will be her first solo show in The Netherlands.

In 2015 and 2017 Andrea was selected for the Sony World Photography Awards, Enhanced category. She is currently living and working in Barcelona and is inspired by photographers such as Duane Michals, Sally Mann and Annie Leibovitz. Discover more at qlickeditions.com.

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Author: Laura Collinson

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