Use of new emerging education technologies in education sector is making learning process more adaptive, competent, collaborative, social and interactive through mobiles, videos, 3D printing and online courses.

Technology is playing very important role to bring education to a new level worldwide. That’s why teachers of all public and private sector are actively working with their students to use different devices and methods to make learning technology based. For example:

Content development
It is very interesting and tremendous job for students to make an excellent assignment through digital tools:

  • Digital booklet
  • Animated report
  • Video shot
  • 3D printing

Learning in collaborative environment
It’s a need of an hour to collaborate in order to enhance your learning skills. We have to collaborate via digital tools no matter where we are. Internet has made it so easy to communicate in order to work as team.

Active Learning
There are various online Internet programs, helping students in learning different techniques at very minimal cost and easily.

Personal Learning Networks (PLN)
Social networking tools such as:

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Snap chat
  • Twitter

Students can use these tools to combine the expertise of each other through collaboration to complete given projects with great accuracy can use these tools.

Mobile – as a learning tool
Mobile learning has never been so important than it is today. Smart phones, tablets, and other androids were unimaginable in past. But these are the most important technology tools for education today. Students have no concept today to complete their assigned school tasks without them.

Competency based education (CBE) and Adaptive learning
Adaptive learning and CBE both tools are used to help students master their own piece with their pace, from what they know and don’t know. The pace of adoption is quick as compared to CBE, which is mainly used by adult students to learn but saving their time as well.

Social Learning
It is well known that internet-based social networking is extremely amazing. A very famous Bandura’s social theory states that people learn from each other when they are face to face. It is for digital networking, when we use Facebook; we learn different things from different people. The learning and sharing process is endless in this world of technologies.

Flipped classrooms
When you teach kids through mixing of various education techniques to enhance their learning. This process is called as flipping and this idea is really unique. That’s why it is gaining so much importance in classrooms nowadays.

Technological advancements have opened the new horizons for students to learn as much they want as much they can. It was dream to provide students open resource education and now it is possible for all the students across the globe to access all information, they need for their assignments. Teachers can easily check the caliber of student through student response system by using digital tools of interactive learning.
Emergence of technology in education has not expands the learning process but also helped students to perform well in less time.

Author bio: The writer of this guest article is Linda Robert. She is working on Assignment help services and she is an educationist and competent writer.

Emerging Education Technologies