By Katy Cowan

In his ongoing series Eight Million, photographer Greg Krycinski attempts to capture the unexpected quiet that can often be found on the streets of London.

Considered to be one of the finest and biggest cities in the world, London has approximately eight million residents, but looking at this range of black and white photographs, you’d think otherwise.

Speaking of the project, Krycinski told Creative Boom: “With such a high population, one would never consider that London can be extremely quiet, empty and transcend feeling of desolation at times. Eight Million is an ongoing project attempting to capture the stillness and isolation between the centuries old architecture mixed with modern glass structures. Even between the crowds, one can feel detached from it all.”

Krycinski’s early interests in music have seen him through to developing a successful audio-visual engineering career. During his spare time, he loves to embrace his passion for photography and also run a creative blog called Ditch It All. Discover more of his work at

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