As an American cereal brand with a time-honored place at the breakfast table, Cheerios dedicates its advertising to depicting the life of American families and championing their stories. A new :60 TV spot, created by Saatchi & Saatchi New York and production company Community Films, continues the brand’s celebration of family stories by depicting the time when older parents move into their grown children’s homes. Titled “Grandpa,” the commercial opens on our titular grandpa, nervously contemplating his life at his new home as he and his daughter leave his old residence. Upon arriving at his new home, his young granddaughter warmly welcomes him at the door with a surprise she has set up for him in the kitchen: a table decorated with every flavor of his favorite breakfast cereal, Cheerios. As a tribute to the 9 percent of seniors who live with their relatives, and the relatives that take care of them, the spot celebrates the American family in all of its forms.


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