Every minute, deforestation destroys more than five acres of unprotected rainforest, drastically changing the environment and contributing to global warming. To raise awareness on this issue, British consumer goods company Unilever teamed up with ad agencies DAVID and Ogilvy & Mather London to create the commercial “Farewell to the Forest,” set to run online before the United Nations’ Conference on Climate Change in Paris. In the spot, a tree awakens in the forest and shambles toward an urban area, while narration provides the concept: a tree may be safer in the city than in the forest. To execute these visuals, actors wearing a full-body suit made to look like a tree walked around a cityscape, attracting the attention of passersby. The campaign complements Unilever’s partnership with the conservation organization World Wildlife Foundation to help protect one million trees in Brazil and Indonesia.

Credits: davidtheagency.com
| ogilvy.co.uk

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