It’s not uncommon in the creative industry to hear clients requesting that designers make their work more like this famous designer or that famous creative, this style or that style. And while there’s nothing wrong with pulling ideas from these influences, designers can sometimes feel like clients want to pick aesthetic styles like they’re a list of Instagram filters. This concept inspired Chicago-based production company Sarofsky to create a two-minute animated visual smorgasbord for the opening of graphic design event OFFF Mexico 2015. Titled “One Fabulous Fucking Filter,” the animation introduces the key speakers of the festival in just about every production approach, riffing on as many designers, styles and pop culture references as possible. For the project, Sarofsky established 50 different “filters” to apply to the festival’s twenty speakers—with names like “Pixel Sorting” or “Digital Interfearance,” and a tribute to legendary designer Saul Bass called “Saul about That Bass.” The production company’s design team assigned four separate ideas to each speaker and created animations based on these iconic styles, while another designer created an overarching visual language and interface to bridge OFFF Mexico 2015’s identity together. “One Fabulous Fucking Filter” provides not only a commentary on the absurdity of derivative design, but also a tribute to the creative styles of the past and their effect on design today.


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