By Gemma Fletcher

Art director Gemma Fletcher examines the work of photographer Jack Davison, in the latest installment of a series looking into new talent in photography, from recent graduates to photographers breaking into the industry…




There is something about Jack Davison’s sensibility and conviction, which makes his place in photographic history feel like it has already been secured, despite him only recently emerging onto the scene in the last couple of years.

Davison always knew he wanted to be a photographer from a young age, and although he followed an unlikely path and studied English literature at university, it was with a view to move into photography as a profession after graduating.


We the troupe for Port Magazine


Davison’s work is fresh and mature, raw yet stylized, and he has a strong vision and a confident portfolio for someone only a year into his career.

His work feels like a modern take on some of the masters of photography – Irving Penn, Ernst Haas and August Sander all come to mind – although the artist himself references the work of Viviane Maier, Philip Lorca di Corcia and Viviane Sassen as key influences.


26 States


26 States


Motivated to further develop his portfolio, in 2013 Davison embarked on a six-month tour of the US, and began working professionally. His aim during the tour was to create a body of work that encapsulated his philosophy as a photographer, combining raw and unabashed portraiture of characters he met along the way with cinematic observations of the places he encountered. This series, 26 States, is his most significant body of work to date.



Port Magazine commissioned Davidson to bring his unique and organic style to a fashion editorial in 2014, giving his work substantial exposure for the first time.

He has since built a strong editorial portfolio shooting most recently for the first edition of Avaunt Magazine. His masterful approach towards fashion features captures the imagination of even the most fashion adverse.


Hundreds of Hills for Avaunt magazine


Hundreds of Hills for Avaunt magazine


I’m looking forward to watching how his style translates across different brands and genres. Now represented by Mini Title, with some exciting commercial jobs in production, Davison is truly making a name for himself as a bright young talent.


Garage magazine

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