By nathan

Twin Cabins on the Coast of New Zealand

Tired of the increasingly decadent holiday homes sprouting across New Zealand, Ian Scott and Nat Cheshire of Cheshire Architecture designed Eyrie as an alternative architectural solution to coastal living. Each of the twin wooden cabins near Kaiwaka in northern New Zealand has a mere 29-square meter footprint, and the blocky, blackened wood exteriors stand simply against the waves of grass. There are no paths leading to Eyrie and no doors leading inside. Rather, an open window above a stack of boulders offers the only entrance.

Eyrie by Cheshire Architects challenges the cookie-cutter condos that are encroaching quickly upon once scenic vistas. The duo explains, “We hoped that in subverting the shorthand language of building these little constructions might feel like something other than—and more than—houses.” Indeed, Eyrie‘s left-field beauty is written in a prose of it’s own.

Images © Jeremy Toth

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