By Eliza Williams

The ad relies on a twist so I won’t blah on about what happens here and ruin the fun. But it’s worth noting that while the twist itself isn’t a particularly new idea, it’s the way it’s filmed and the attention to detail in the spot that makes it really stand out. Plus the fact that the brand doesn’t attempt to ram a deep, earnest message home at the end, instead keeping it light with a simple tagline.

The other fun thing is the making-of, which instead of explaining how the ad was made – that is already revealed in the film after all – concentrates on all the products used in it. Undoubtedly this will lead to many sales for Shiseido all by itself.

(I’ve been unable to find agency credits for the film – it appears to have made in-house at Shiseido, but please update in the comments box if you know otherwise.)

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