By Eliza Williams

FKA twigs shows off her growing skill as a director in a series of videos released today to accompany a new EP, titled M3LL155X.

The EP features five songs and twigs has released videos for four of them, three of which are brand spanking new (the fourth is her video for Glass & Patron, which came out in March this year). The promos demonstrate twigs’ skill for creating powerful imagery – the singer appears in three of the films, at times as a blow up sex doll, at other points heavily pregnant. The four videos are shown together below:



In an interview with CR in our January issue (which subscribers can read in full here), twigs revealed her interest in exploring alternative ways of presenting femininity, and also expressed her lack of fear in using potentially challenging imagery.

“Things are complicated,” she said. “What I love about making things is that things are complicated so let’s show how complicated it is. And let’s not do it in a way just to get extra views – you know, have a naked girl in there for no reason. I’m fine with nudity but let’s not do it for no reason. I’m fine with sex, but let’s not do it for no reason. I don’t mind wearing loads of make up and having my hair done so I can look as cute as I can look but let’s not do it for no reason at all. What is the purpose of this? Why do I have to look like that? Why does my hair have to be like that? I always go into those things.”



Twigs began directing her own videos in early 2014 and is signed to Academy’s A+ roster for representation as a director (she has also directed a film for Google Glass, as well as her own promos). In the CR interview, she spelt out the freedom this gives her as an artist to fully express herself.

“To me it’s a dream come true because I’ve never wanted as an artist to have everything as a beauty parade,” she said. “It makes me feel sick if I’m in a video trying to look as hot as I can look…. Although in my music there is an element of sensuality, it’s not really about sex, it’s not really about being sexy, it’s actually so much deeper than that. I think that’s why it’s really important that I have been directing my own videos, because maybe other people wouldn’t understand that.”

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