Typography for social change is on top in Typeroom’s agenda and Montreal-based art director Anjela Freyja is a talented individual fighting for a better world. Freyja is a creative force to reckon with in an ongoing effort to combine art with activism -aka activism– and her “Flags of America” campaign for ACLU is her design-forward solution for immigration advocacy. 

Freyja’s campaign acts as a call to support and donate ACLU in its effort to protect the innocent and her “Flags of America” project hits all the right notes in bold, visual striking typography which shouts out loud the truth.

“When migrants venture through the desert in hopes to arrive to America, they do out of desperation and the necessity for health and refuge. These journeys are painstaking and taken due to a complete lack of resources and the sanctity of human preservation” notes the campaign. 

“The American administration has chosen to treat these refugees as criminals, separating their families, and locking them in detention centers. The government justifies these policies with racist, untrue rhetoric. It is estimated that there are over 2000 children in detention centers without their parents. Many are sleeping on concrete floors and have extremely limited access to healthcare, nutritious food, and proper hygiene.”

Freyja, an artist who works with photographytypography, and illustration to create striking campaigns and visuals with impact and her collaboration with the Americal Civil Liberties Union is a fine example of why branding a message is needed, even in times of pure humane needs.

Donate to The American Civil Liberties Union – a team of individuals focused on defending the rights of immigrant families- here and explore Anjela Freyja’s design for good efforts here.

Freyja’s Flags of America campaign acts as a call to support and donate ACLU in its effort to protect the innocent in bold, visual striking typography which shouts out loud the truth

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