Fifteen of Our Favorite Photographs from PhotoViz

From photography’s early days through to today, the act of taking a photo has been intertwined with thoughts on time, space, and movement. Take Muybridge’s initial experiments: the frozen frame isolated a horse’s trot to a precise scientific standard. With machines far more advanced than the cameras of the 19th Century, artists around the world are using the long-exposure photography to further explore the limits, patterns, and paths of our movements. To celebrate the long-standing appeal of long exposures, we’ve collected a selection of our favorites from our book PhotoViz. Edited by renowned designer Nicholas Felton, PhotoViz takes its name from Felton’s concept of photographs as a form of data visualization—long exposures included. Read our interview with Felton himself or browse the book to see more. 


Images taken from PhotoViz

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Author: nathan

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